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Product Description

ELFOAMT250, is a 2.5 PCF nominal density, rigid, closed cell, non-CFC blown, polyisocyanurate foam insulation supplied in cut sheets or bunstock for a variety of thermal insulation applications. Although similar in physical form to polyurethane foam, polyisocyanurate foams have improved dimensional stability over a greater range of operating temperatures.



ELFOAM T250, is designed primarily for use in environments where temperatures range from -100F to +250F (-73C to +121C) However, when foam insulation is exposed to temperatures exceeding 140F (60C) and/or relative humidity is in excess of 70%, allowances for foam expansion must be incorporated into the engineering design for non-laminated foams. ELFOAM T250, like all cellular plastics, will degrade upon prolonged exposure to sunlight. Cover all foam material in order to block ultraviolet radiation and prevent degradation.



ELFOAM T250 has been tested and found to meet the requirements for the specifications listed below. Additional testing, special production runs or registrations may be required before the product is accepted for the use in a specific application requiring one of these specifications.


Federal Specifications:

HH- I-530A, Type I, Grade 2, Class 1

HH-1-530B, Type II


Industry Specifications:

ASTM C591 (except R-value)



Density: 2.3 lb/ft3

k-factor (75F mean temperature):  1.45 BTU - in/hr - ft2 - F

R-value/inch (75F mean temperature):  6 Hr - ft2 - F/BTU

Compressive Strength (parallel):  37 psi

Compressive Modulus (parallel):  811 psi

Shear Strength (parallel):  25 psi

Shear Modulus (parallel):  257 psi

Tensile Strength (parallel):  45 psi

Flexural Strength (parallel):  37 psi

Flexural Modulus (parallel):  1047 psi